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Who is Atlanta Injury Centers?
AIC is a team of licensed and professional healthcare providers, who help auto and work related injury victims throughout the greater Atlanta and Macon areas.


What if need transportation to the office?
Transportation is provided if needed for first few visits.


What if I have already treated in the hospital or ER?
Hospitals are not set up to treat injuries sustained in an auto or work related accident. They will normally evaluate you and send you on your way. Our doctors are trained to treat your specific injuries and will show you how our treatment will help.



Who pays for my treatment?
Most people who have been involved in either an auto or work related accident may be entitled to treatment for their injuries at no cost. Our offices have trained staff, who will help set up claims and guide you through all of your payment options.

Why should you choose your offices?


Atlanta Injury Centers have been providing quality healthcare for over 16 years. All of our offices have highly trained doctors and staff who can help with all aspects of your treatment. We can also help you determine what choices work best for your accident type.


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